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A starter in the wiring of the fixture can tell whether it is a type of the ballast. If there is a starter, it may be an inductive ballast based fixture. Otherwise, it probably is an electronic ballast based one. Jimmy Carr’s annual comedy quiz is usually something we look forward to and this year was no different. However, while we sat chuckling in our seats at the naughty jokes from this year’s panelists which included James Corden and Jack Whitehall, Russell Howard and Jonathan Ross and Richard Ayoade and Gabby Logan, some unimpressed viewers were sending furious emails to Channel 4 complaining about certain references that were made about the royal family, in particular by James and Jack. Admittedly, it’s been a delicate year for the royals what with Prince Philip and the Duchess of Cambridge being admitted to hospital and Prince Harry causing a stir in Las Vegas, but we don’t think any comment was made in malice.

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