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Kerry would not have had to resort to rogue diplomacy if he had negotiated a better deal. The agreement he struck could not even muster the support of a simple majority in the Senate, much less the two thirds majority needed to ratify a treaty. As Sen.

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Canada Goose online The kingdom usually consults with Kuwait, the UAE and Qatar.A senior source familiar with discussions said he thought Naimi himself was not aware of the change in plan until late in the game.think it was a last minute decision, otherwise Naimi would canada goose outlet edmonton not have come, the source said. Flew to Doha with an intention to close a deal and when he arrived in Doha, he got canada goose outlet factory another instruction not to do it.Up until Saturday, Prince Abdulaziz was assuring everyone privately that there would be a deal, sources close to the discussions said.Qatariofficials were also telling participants that the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani, had clinched canada goose jacket outlet toronto Prince Mohammed agreement that there would be a deal no matter whether Iran took part or not, the sources said.For Russia, which also meant to join the global freeze deal, the change in the Saudi position was a huge surprise because the Kremlin had thought it had cut the deal with almost everyone who matters in Saudi Arabia, Russian sources said.Russian oil minister Alexander Novak was so confident in the deal success on Sunday that he was the last minister to arrive, having spent most of Saturday playing for the Russian government soccer team against Italy.the end of the day it didn really matter who we were speaking to, Naimi or Prince Mohammed. The Saudis just changed the policy, said a source close to Novak, who was at the Doha talks Canada Goose online.

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