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canada goose coats on sale “IAC volunteers were hopeful that the chief minister would give an exemption to Annaji and Mumbai’s citizens to hold a peaceful protest at MMRDA. However, we have been denied our right canada goose cleaning uk to protest and we have shifted the venue to Azad Maidan,” said IAC in a statement released to the media.Exemptions or even concessions were denied because IAC is not registered as a trust and is not conducting a religious programme, hence they will have to pay commercial charges if they want to utilise the 30,000 sq ft MMRDA ground.Click NEXT for more.But even as the decision on the venue has been taken, Team Anna volunteers have their hands full getting requisite clearances cheap canada goose outlet from a minimum of five departments canada goose black friday uk of the government.Hazare’s three day fast against United Progressive Alliance’s Lokpal Bill is expected to commence on the December 27. In effect, Team Anna has only three working days left to secure clearance from the local police station, traffic, fire brigade, the public works department (for the dias) as well as the sports department and others who own the ground. canada goose coats on sale

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