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illustrations and fairy paintings

Anne Anderson, the illustrator of children’s booksToday Anne Anderson is not among moncler outlet sale most known illustrators of children’s books, but with over one hundred books she certainly had her share of success moncler sale in cheap moncler jackets womens book market.

Anne Anderson’s illustrations are actually very popular at collectors and cheap moncler coats mens I dare to predict her work will become even more cheap moncler jackets mens in demand in the future.

Unfortunately there is not much known about Anne Anderson’s life, so we’ll not only try to present her art work, best moncler jackets but try to collect as much as possible details from discount moncler jackets her personal life.

(All images are Public Doman, for more info read the list of resources at the end of the article.)

Anne Anderson’s childhood and youthIt looks like Anderson’s childhood is relatively well documented. Anne was born in in Scotland in 1874 as oldest daughter of Grace and James, who had a business in Argentina.

Anne Anderson spent most of her childhood and youth in moncler sale online Argentina and returned to Great Britain as a teenager. We don’t know moncler sale why she came to England, but documents show two important facts moncler womens jackets from her life in the first decade of 20 th century (so called Edwardian era).

She illustrated her cheap moncler jackets first book and met her future husband Alan Wright.

Who was Alan Wright?Alan Wright was a British painter born in 1864. He moncler usa was very talented in landscaping and figure painting and around 1890 exhibited in several prestigious places as Royal Society of British Artists, Royal Academy and New English Art moncler outlet prices Club.

He also illustrated several books and here things started to get complicated. In 1898 he made illustrations for How I was Buried Alive, story written by Frederick William Rolfe, more known by his pseudonym Baron Corvo.

Frederick Rolfe was a controversial person, in many aspects similar to his contemporary Oscar Wilde (both were Catholic converts, both openly gay in times when this was criminal offense, both died broke and abroad .), but what is more important, Rolfe’s scandalous work How I was Buried Alive ruined the reputation of Alan Wright.

After 1898 Wright’s career went downhill.

You can see how looked one of illustrations made by Alan Wright in time when his career was on the rise (above) and on the right you can see how looked the typical illustration job he could get after the scandal with Baron Corvo’s story.

This moncler outlet online illustration of a table with moncler online store some dishes is one of many pretty unimportant details from the book titled Palm Tree Island published in 1910, just before he uk moncler outlet married Anne Anderson.

When he married Anne Anderson in June 1912, things changed. They married in Burghfield Common Parish Church in Berkshire and eventually settled there. They started to collaborate at numerous books soon after.

This wasn’t too hard because their style was pretty similar.

Anne Anderson’s first books were not aiming at youngest kids. The first with illustrations above was titled Aucassin and Nicolette, a parody uk moncler sale on romances, originaly dated from 12 th century, translated by Harold Child and published in 1911 by Adam and Charles Black (still in business under name of A C Black as part of Bloomsbury Publishing).

Her second book book was Stories from Chaucer (rewritten by Emily Underdown and published by Thomas Nelson and Sons in 1913). Anne Anderson was not even credited as illustrator but her signature is visible on all illustrations presented in the gallery below.

Team workAnderson and Wright collaborated on numerous illustrating projects. He was more experienced but because of his ill reputation hardly got any commission, so he helped at her projects moncler sale outlet at his best effort. They said he had drawn animals and she did the res.

Theire best known mutual works are The Busy Bunny Book, The Naughty Neddy Book,

Two Bold Sportsmen, The Podgy Puppy and several others, all published by Thomas Nelson and Sons, which are today all considered as rarities and collectibles, first editions in good shape sometimes skyrocketing up to a thousand dollars!

Anne Anderson in top demandWe don’t know how much Alan Wright contributed to her success, but it is believed his contribution was smaller and smaller from year after year util he died in 1927. There is not known when Anne Anderson died although most sites on web claim 1930 as the year of her death.

This year is very possibly wrong, because her books with previously unpublished illustrations continued to be published until 1938. Of course book can be published after the artistic work was done but as we found about Anne Anderson’s life she worked hard to monclerdownjacket provide everyday money and she certainly could not afford to work on projects where she could not expect money for years.

So probably the right date of her death is 193? and somebody somewhere wrote exactly that. Than somebody wrongly submitted it to Wikipedia and everybody else copied the number from there.

The illustration on the right is from Briar cheap moncler sale Rose, more known as Sleeping Beauty, one of most popular collections illustrated by Anne Anderson. It is titled Old, Old Fairy moncler uk outlet Tales and it was published in USA in 1935, but before that Nelson and sons published it in Europe. It is very interesting collection with diverse selection of moncler outlet fairy tales, from Goldilocks and Three Bears and The Beauty and the Beast to Cinderella and Rumpelstiltskin.

Anne Anderson’s work, as work of her contemporaries Charles Robinson, Mabel Lucie Attwell and Jessie Marion King is part of the era when art stopped being exclusive right of certain elitistic circles and finally came into every house, every home because the creative people started to believe this is the way it should be.

Sometimes the results are not up to our today taste, like in Anderson’s Wonder Book below. No publisher would not moncler outlet store publish the Story of Sisi Nouman from Arabian Nights with Charles Dickens’ The Chimes in the same volume but in the first half of 20 moncler outlet woodbury th century thus medleys were something usual.

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