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Timing plays a big role in getting good hotel deals. Naturally, hotels in popular destinations will be more expensive during the peak tourist season. The best thing to do is plan your visit around off season periods when room rates will be lower. I work in a large grocery store and the last few days, we were two cashiers until 8 pm, and only one cashier from 8 10 pm, so we kinda understaffed. Yet we still have to get the cleaning of 8 registers done, and usually the person who stays until 8 pm tries to get most of the cleaning done.One evening, I was this cashier until 8 pm.I just did my job and cleaned the not in use registers and told my colleague to call me over to my register as soon as too many customers get in line, so I can open my register and help my colleague out. This works very well for us and we always do it like this.So my colleague was at register number 7 and I was cleaning 1 and 2, which are at the other end of the register area.

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