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Will people care that we were shit? No, who gives a fuck? Winning, especially in a major tournament where that all it takes is one bad game to fuck everything up (Brazil in the last World Cup) is the most important thing. There no award for “playing well”, in fact choosing to play well over going for a win isn exactly winners mentality. Since then we have twice been eliminated on penalties by Portugal, failed to qualify in got battered by a clearly better German side, lost on penalties in the most miserable game I can remember seeing to Italy, failed to make it out the groups and then got beat by bloody Iceland..

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Canada Goose sale POSTSCRIPT I received a nice note from WS, who remembered how important the “Happy Days” theme was during the FDR era. He was always singing and whistling, which our canary, Bimbo, enjoyed and joined in with him. Good story! As a young kid I kept hearing about the Depression but it had no impact on me at that age Canada Goose sale.

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