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Canada Goose Parka Bad two months for the Taliban

canada goose deals drone strike in Pakistan’s tribal region killed Pakistani Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud. troops in Afghanistan. Many analysts say the controversial drone strikes are reaching their targets with the help of Pakistani intelligence. Baradar was the Afghan Taliban’s second in command behind Mullah Omar. nabbed at least four other senior Afghan Canada Goose Coats On Sale Taliban leaders. All of them were hiding in Pakistan.

canada goose coats This canada goose week the Pakistani Army took a group of journalists to the tribal region along the Afghan border to show canada goose uk black friday off its latest canada goose factory sale victory against the Taliban, the taking canada goose coats on sale back of Damadola, a region in the district of Bajaur, a 30 minute drive through the mountains from Afghanistan. and international forces across the border. drone strike destroyed a hillside compound here. Al Qaeda’s number two Ayman Al Zawahiri was the canadian goose jacket target.

“We know al Qaeda was here,” said Major General Tariq Khan, the Pakistan military’s regional commander.

canada goose black friday sale On our trip to Damadola, the army showed us where the Taliban lived, an intricate network of 154 canada goose black friday sale tunnels and caves. Canada Goose Parka It must’ve taken the militants years to gouge out the rocks and debris. The end result was a multi room apartment complex inside a mountain. Long tunnels connected bedrooms that were lined with old sleeping bags. In one room a pair of old sneakers sat cheap canada goose uk in a corner. An old pink comb and a broken Casio digital watch sat in another. One military official told me one of the caves served as a medical clinic.

buy canada goose jacket The military began its offensive here back in August of 2008 but the Taliban fought hard to keep Damadola. Nearly 17 months later of fierce fighting later, the last month focusing on Damadola, the army says it’s now in control.

Canada Goose online The Canada Goose sale military says it plans to stay in control with the help of local pro government militias. Hundreds of armed militia men in Damadola greeted us with song and dance. I’d never seen so many men dance with AK 47s and grenade launchers.

“No, no they can’t comeback now,” said militia member Abdul Satar. “The Taliban have weapons but we’ll show them we have more.”

cheap Canada Goose The taking back of Damadola is another important achievement for Pakistani security forces who have been targets of much criticism from Washington. and international forces leave. Washington hasn’t criticized Pakistan much lately. Pakistan’s recent winning streak against the Taliban has a lot to do with it.

Randy Silver, you ask us to do critical thinking after telling us what to think. You also imply that your audience is too intoxicated to have arrived at the same conclusion before you did. But you don have to be so rude.

canadian goose jacket I don agree that the US introduced an insurgency to destabilize Pakistan. We https://www.thebeatlestimeline.com already concerned about Pakistan stability for reasons you have mentioned (and with which I don disagree). I think the insurgency was a natural and foreseeable canada goose clearance by product of the US invasion of Afghanistan, Canada Goose Online not an elaborate conspiracy.

Canada Goose sale I also don agree that the US is at China mercy. Yes, they own our debt, but they can sell it off without triggering worsening global economic effects that would work Canada Goose online against their own interests as well as everyone uk canada goose outlet else It more like we entered into a strange partnership in which our fates are entertwined. And wasn that the whole goal of globalization? To gradually learn to respect each other and work together in spite of our differences?

canada goose coats on sale Finally, your dioxin suggestion is of great concern to me. I really hope you are not advocating chemical warfare against civilians, as this would amount to genocide. That particular poison would not degrade quickly enough to protect non poppy farms from runoff, nor would it be harmless in the water supply of many Afghans.

Canada Goose Outlet Perhaps we should all give these things more ciritical thought.

canada goose March 11, 2010 at 10:28 cheap Canada Goose am

Okay, so I here once again to uk canada goose explain what is really going on.

canada goose clearance sale Pakistan buy canada goose jacket is rapidly approaching state canada goose outlet status, and with the nukes it possesses, this is not a good situation because there are a lot of people within the Pak govt. who are in control of these and would rather blackmail the west than go down to the nearest intersection and offer to clean people windshields.

canada goose clearance Applying pressure on canada goose store Pakistan through diplomacy and incentives has failed period. The only way to get the govt. to do anything is to create Canada Goose Outlet a tumultuous situation for them yes, we are, in effect, calling their bluff. We are eroding Pakistan ability canada goose uk outlet to function by Canada Goose Jackets introducing the insurgent We most likely asked the canada goose uk shop Indian secret service to do our dirty work in light of the fact Pakistan and China are allies.

Why isn the US buy canada goose jacket cheap getting more aggressive? The answer is simple: We broke and, because the Chinese own our debt (and most of our strategic metals), we at their mercy. The Chinese have substantial investment interests in Pakistan. Pakistan is also China bulldog canada goose coats for use against India.

Crazy? Just ask yourself one question, why haven we splashed Agent Green dioxin on the Taliban main source of income: Afghanistan poppy fields?

canada goose store C people, it time to put the beer and the bong down and really do some critical thinking.

March 10, 2010 at 12:13 pm

Canada Goose Jackets Pakistan has made a strategic shift and will continue as long as the US also recognises pakistans legitimate security concerns vis a vis indian presence in Afghanistan. Taliban will eventually be defeated enough that they will become part of canada goose clearance sale a political process. What ever is left of Al qaeda will also be wiped out. Everybody wins here except the Indians who would rather that the region statys destabilised so they can continue to see an unstable Pakistan at the expense of everyone, the US included. Thats the mentality you are dealing with here.

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