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Cleveland Classical Guitar Society: A new year of Cleveland’s international guitar series is already off to a fine start after a free community showcase concert. Up next is Celil Refik Kaya (Oct. 14), followed by the great Sharon Isbin with Colin Davin (Nov. Almighty Janitor: An oddly literal example, Juan the Janitor has Tier 3 access to the school social network, Canterbook. Turns out there’s a good reason for this. Juan was the designer of a social networking system about a decade back called Project: Wondercolt.

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Wholesale Replica Bags Starting seeds doesn’t have to be difficult. We use those square covered trays that come with replaceable pucks; you soak them in warm water for a few minutes until they expand into teeny “pots” wrapped in biodegradable mesh. The trays and lids are reusable and the 100% peat moss pucks are cheap and easy to store. (1 1 18)Dry December Raises Fears of Another DroughtIt has been the driest start to the winter season in a quarter century and there little relief in sight. Mark Sayre reports. (12 21 17)Long Awaited Rain Storms Arrive In The Bay AreaRain is expected to continue to come down in the Bay Area over the coming days Wholesale Replica Bags.

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