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cheap yeezys Facebook Twitter Pinterest InstagramChances are, you’ve probably used at least one home remedy on your child, whether it’s a “magic potion” cold remedy concoction of essential oils or a simple bee sting cure all made cheap official jordans out of baking soda and vinegar.Whether you’re a believer in home remedies or not, the plethora of websites, books, and online courses available on the subject from the not so natural medicine cabinet miracles to 100 percent organic homeopathic cures suggests that many parents are not only believers but proactive embracers of treating their children with alternative methods.But recent horror stories and warnings such as the Canadian parents who were convicted for their toddler’s death from meningitis because they used home remedies instead of very cheap jordans for sale taking him to the hospital; the cheap jordans real infant who suffocated from a plastic bag home lice remedy; and https://www.dunkhighheelsau.com the Tennessee poison control center’s warning that more children are being accidentally poisoned by “essential oils” have sparked a rather heated debate among parents online about the safety of treating kids without a doctor’s supervision.Amid this sometimes angry dialogue, the crux of the conversation seems to hinge on cheap jordan 11 shoes this question: How do you know when it’s okay to use home remedies on your kids, and more importantly, how do you know when it’s not okay?In hopes of empowering parents with information on the dos and don’ts of home remedy treatment, we spoke to two pediatric professionals to get their advice. Here are their thoughts:The Traditional DoctorDr. Joseph Gigante is a professor of pediatrics at Vanderbilt University and Monroe Carrell Jr. cheap yeezys

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