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Dr. Jaacks and Dr. Clark have verified the 2009 sampling procedures and QA/QC data delivered to ORE. The top four brands also feature in the BrandZ Global Top 100 ranking published in June 2017.The total brand value of the French Top 50 brands is $240.4 billion some $6 billion more than the equivalent UK 2017 ranking with the Luxury category accounting for $88.9 billion, followed by Personal Care at $45.4bn and Telecom Providers at $31.4bn. The presence of so many luxury brand, accessories, fragrance and cosmetics names gives the ranking a uniquely French flavour with seven Luxury brands and eight Personal Care brands.Many of these brands benefit from a century or more of heritage and have contributed hugely to France image on the international stage as a hub of beauty, fashion and quality craftsmanship. However, their success both globally and in their home market also highlights one potential weakness: a perceived lack of innovation in many of the country largest brands.The solution will vary from brand to brand.

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