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moncler jackets on sale I was miserable for hours just sitting there. Had he let me bring a book for the down time, maybe I wouldn have disliked it so much. Maybe he could have taught me slowly and I would have been more into it if I wasn just sitting on my ass. When she was young, wrote Lankesh, women in Bangalore were free to live their own lives, to follow their own instincts, to forge personal and professional paths in a manner unknown or at least uncommon in other cities. But now, she wrote sadly, women in Bengaluru could no longer move freely in spaces without fear of lecherous goons, fundamentalist fanatics and brainless men in power who point out to outfits that women wear instead of the muck that is filled between the ears of sick men as the root cause of molestation months after Gauri Lankesh wrote these words, she was murdered, not for what she wore, but for what she wrote. Fundamentalist fanatics had long targeted her, for her fearless criticisms of the hateful and divisive politics that were threatening to tear her state and her country apart. moncler jackets on sale

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