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replica Purse Where does your lender rank? (Image: Bloomberg via Getty Images)Get money updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersIn a poll of more than 4,000 customers, the bank was crowned best of the rest, while TSB slumped to the bottom following a turbulent year of IT failings.Which? surveyed thousands of members of the public to determine overall customer satisfaction with their bank’s current account and how likely they are to recommend that brand.Monzo came first with an impressive customer score of 86%, finishing just above telephone and online only First Direct, which scored 85%.Monzo is a smart bank for the smartphone generation which does away with things like bricks and mortar branches, cheque books and the like instead it hinges around an appIt’s the first time Monzo has had a large enough sample size to be included in the customer satisfaction analysis and it immediately hit the top spot. Both Monzo and First Direct also achieved five stars for customer service.Nationwide Building Society (79%) finished third and Metro Bank came fourth (76%), meaning challenger banks finished in two of the four top spots.Monzo current accounts must be operated entirely from a smartphone, so the bank will welcome having scored full marks for both communication and its app in the customer star ratings.Amazing rates, unparallelled convenience but can you trust a bank that only exists on your phone? The risks and rewardsAt the other end of the table, TSB and Bank of Ireland were joint bottom on 58%, meaning Bank of Ireland has finished bottom twice in a row with little sign replica designer bags wholesale of improvement.Meanwhile, TSB’s turbulent year, which was plagued by IT crises that left millions of customers locked out of their accounts, saw the bank slump from fourth the last time the research was carried out to joint bottom spot.More than half (56%) of TSB customers said they had experienced technical issues in the past year and the bank scored poorly on customer service, telephone and online banking and complaint handling with two out of five stars in these categories.Why you NEED to have a back up bank account and the best free options out there for themAt the bottom of the table, Ulster Bank scored 63%, followed by Royal Bank of Scotland on 60% just ahead of TSB and Bank of Ireland in joint last place. All of the bottom four banks scored just two out of five stars for customer service.A TSB spokeswoman said: “We’re sorry for the problems customers experienced as a result of our IT switch.”Regrettably this is why our scores are low in this poll replica Purse.

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