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1. Build a website from scratch and integrate a payment gateway with your merchant account from your credit card provider. You also need to apply for SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certification to provide security for customers’ transactions. Del. Wendell Beitzell, a Republican committee member from Garrett County, said he thinks “there’s some politics involved here” going into an election year. He said many of the concerns about staffing are being pushed by state employee unions that didn’t put as much emphasis on the issue when Democrat Martin O’Malley was governor..

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We know many of you are here for popcorn, and that okay but for the first time we asking you to pay admission. Many of you have gotten far more entertainment and education here than at any movie, particularly any Michael Bay movie that you ever seen. All of that has been for free so far.

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Among the 160 companies of that group that revealed pay ratios, the median compensation for chief executives was also US$17.5 million. In contrast, workers earned US$75,217, a decent salary in a country with a shrinking middle class but one that further demonstrates the growing gap between the C suite and the typical employee. Equilar calculated that the median pay ratio disclosed by these companies was 275 to 1..

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