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Hints: 1. Grab a hamburger at the homey BnB Restaurant. 2.) Sirloins, prime rib, seafood, draft beers and over 150 varieties of whiskey abound at Quinn’s Steakhouse and Irish Bar. The best solution would be for Mets owner Fred Wilpon to sit down with Citi (and possibly with Treasury officials) and renegotiate the deal. Citi should agree to a buy out of the contract that would replace some of the short term revenue for the Mets while allowing the Citi name to be taken off the stadium. (The Citi logo is already absent from the patch the players will wear on their uniforms this year it literally just says “Inaugural Season.”) Doing so would free up some cash flow for cash starved Citi while building enormous good will with Mets fans, New Yorkers, and the American people..

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