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After that six year, $114 million contract with the Miami Dolphins, Suh prioritized winning over money this time around.That bodes well for the Rams, even designer replica handbags if it’ll cost them $14 million for just one season. As it turns out, his cap hit will be $14.5 million in 2018, while he can potentially earn an additional $1 million based on incentives.Field Yates of ESPN outlines Suh’s incentive triggers.Source: Ndamukong Suh deal with the Rams includes a $1M incentive if he plays 65% of the snaps and the team wins two playoff games.With 65% of the snaps and making the playoffs, it would be $500K.With 65% of the snaps and winning one playoff game, it would be $750,000. Despite missing two games last season, Aaron Donald still played 73.56 percent, while Michael Brockers was also over 67 percent.So essentially, it’ll come down to the Rams making the playoffs.

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