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Fanglover Thank you for agreeing on my previous comment. Also, I agree with you. People have been asking about auditions since 2007. It actually took nine days after Langley’s final failure. The flying machine that Wilbur and Orville Wright had developed with their own funds performed the epic feat on Dec. 17, 1903. By most epics’ standards, this is concise storytelling (editor Steven Rosenblum) that is perfectly set in the 19th century (Jim Ferrell, set decorator; Geoffrey Kirkland, production designer). The characters wear clothes that looked lived in (Francine Jamison Tanchuck, costume designer) and when they are injured their cuts and bruises look scarily real (Randi Owens Arroyo, makeup artist). And every element is captured by a very perceptive lens (Elliot Davis, cinematographer)..

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