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Courtesy of Vita Liberata – Continue Reading BelowPhoto: Vita Liberata Now that the June heat has begun, you may not be able to avoid showing some skin. If shedding layers feels more frightening than fabulous, then perhaps the correct use of self-tanners can help ease the transition from jeans to bare legs with shorts and sundresses. We scored bronzing tips from Ireland native Alyson Hogg, founder of self-tanning line Vita Liberata. And who better to advise on scoring a faux tans than a woman who hails from a country in which the sun seems to only make but short cameo appearances? Here, she offers her best tips on bronzing tough-to-reach places, prepping your skin properly, and avoiding streaks. What’s the best prep for application? Look for a body scrub that exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time. Those that are rich with hydrating properties and ingredientslike jojoba beadswill work best. Which self-tanning vehicle do you prefer: gel high quality replica bags , lotion or mousse?If you are concerned about dryness, use a lotion chiediteatro.it , but mousses or foams are great for the quickest application. What about tanning your face? Are there any tips you can share for an even application? I always tan my face first with a lotion made specifically for the face. I take the product down to my dcolletage and then blend the body tanner with it. After my face, I do my arms, chest, and then legs. I always do feet and hands last when there is very little product on the mitt.How about the backs of the hands? Those are so hard to do!What you have to think about is achieving a natural effect as if you just stepped off the beach and with a perfectly even tan. The skin of the knuckles (as well as the elbows, knees, and heels) is dryer and will tan darker than other skin. So the big secret is to wipe these areas with a damp cloth after you finished applying the tan. Also, always avoid the heel of the hand, and ensure you wipe the palm of the hand, and between the fingers to be sure that the tan is perfect. Also, always blend at the sides of the hands. – Continue Reading BelowHow can we best avoid streaks?Easy! Use a mitt! They’re soft and washable. [Choose one] made of a polyester, nylon, and polyurethane blend. Make sure you use enough product to cover all the skin and let your application dry. Devote at least five to 10 minutes to get the perfect glow. What are your self-tan pet peeves?Terrible smells, nasty knuckles, and messy feet!Any tips for applying to your back other than having someone else do it for you? If you are really stuck, apply self-tanner to a hand towel. Then, stretch the towel across your back and move it from side to side in a motion similar to one you’d use to dry yourself off. How often should we self-tan? As often as it takes to keep you out of the sun. The best idea is to let all tan fade completely at least once a month and use a gradual self-tanning lotion in between full applications while the tan is fading.

Alyson Hogg Interview – Best Tips for Sunless Tanning

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