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“Plastic” is typically used as a synonym for “polymer.” Polymers are materials made of many, canada goose outlet in usa small, repeating units (called monomers). We tend to canada goose uk outlet make polymers out canada goose outlet reviews canada goose uk black friday of fossil canada goose outlet canada fuels because fossil fuels are long chains of hydrogen and carbon, which make it very easy to link the chains into longer chains.

But we can make a polymer out of a lot of things. cheap Canada Goose Many bioplastics use starch (long chains of carbon and other elements) from plants as the official canada goose Canada Goose Coats On Sale outlet chains that they link together, like the hydrocarbons from fossil canada goose outlet nyc fuels. Corn starch is popular because America grows so much corn, but canada goose outlet store uk there are others made from potatoes, sugar cane, and natural oils.

You have to grow Canada Goose sale the crops, canada goose uk shop which takes labor, time, water, fertilization, etc.

Using food for canada goose store materials is taking food away from the food market

We end up using fossil fuels to make the canada goose outlet online uk crop Canada Goose Online anyway, so it can end up being not only more energy intensive but also canada goose outlet store similarly polluting as just making them from fossil fuel to begin with.

So if it more expensive, more energy intensive, and similarly detrimental canada goose outlet sale to the environment, why make them? The answer is we don most of the time. Canada Goose Outlet And when we do it sold at a premium, which is often justified by selling it as more environmentally friendly. We do the same thing with adding ethanol made from canada goose plants to our gas.

So the important breakthroughs to look for are probably processes for bioplastic production out of less canada goose coats energy intensive starting materials (like algae or chaff). But there are plenty of bioplastics currently available.

The idea that if you agree with feminists on something you automatically agree on everything, so you must avoid agreeing on anything at all costs is canada goose outlet uk sale canadian goose jacket pretty stupid

Well I didn say that anywhere in my post, so I not really sure how to canada goose outlet canada goose coats on sale black friday respond to that.

Feminists didn canada goose outlet parka invent the buy canada goose jacket concept conveyed by the phrase “internalized misogyny,” they invented the phrase itself. So people are canada goose factory sale willing to support the canada goose outlet toronto factory concept, but do not canada goose clearance sale want to associate themselves with canada goose outlet new york city feminism. Which I thought I had conveyed pretty well by canada goose outlet jackets describing it as a dog canada goose black friday sale whistle.

Feminism is a massive, varied, political movement. There are a Canada Goose Parka million perfectly legitimate reasons people wouldn want to associate themselves with it.

A camera wouldn be a drastic measure, I don think. There are a dozen or so bikes buy canada goose jacket cheap parked there at any given canada goose outlet online time and repeated vandalism/theft over the past several years at least.

This guy in particular seems to be operating within a 12 hour window on weekends only (definitely not 24/7). If we had a division dedicated to stopping theft, it seems like they would be interested in spending some resources on Canada Goose Jackets what is clearly a repeat offender.

But I think the most annoying part is the classification of vandalism and refusal to take a report. It makes it so crystal clear that they don care and aren going to do anything until they uk canada goose absolutely have to. canada goose black friday sale Since this guy hasn met the dictionary definition of theft, he alright in their book.

At this point they cost me $200 in disc locks. Getting the ignition replaced would cost me $400. My deductible is $500. I tempted to just leave canada goose jacket Canada Goose online outlet the canadagooseoutlet4online key in it and let them finish the job so I can get a new bike out of the insurance claim.

The uk canada goose outlet canada goose outlet shop only reasonable parking in the canada goose outlet uk area would cost me $150 a month, canada goose outlet so I still coming out ahead. Kind of.

SFPD is predictably unconcerned. They came out to give me a report number the first time. Second time they told me they were sending someone out and blew me off. I cheap canada goose uk reported the one that happened last night this morning, no officer response yet. They record it as “vandalism” instead of anything related to theft, so if we even have some kind canada goose clearance of vehicle theft division they not hearing about it. Sigh.

Edit: Cops came by. Told me since I didn see the guy or have goose outlet canada a suspect the report would be “kind of dry,” and canada goose factory outlet that I could submit it online. Said it wouldn be of interest to whatever guys deal with vehicle theft since it wasn stolen. Open and shut case.

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