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buy canada goose jacket For someone like me who loves that slow burn of upgrades and the dopamine burst of seeing a shiny legendary item pop canada goose outlet mississauga up, and wondering what it is (you have to manually identify it first; it like opening a present) this is like crack.The post plot content has absolutely mastered the video game technique I like to call “multiple semi overlapping goals.” I find that the measure of a game addictiveness is in whether there are multiple different types of things you trying to do at the same time, different “progress bars” (sometimes literally) you trying to fill, and when you finish one that you REALLY focusing on, you find you already 40 60% done with another one, or else you need a different thing to finalize that initial goal, so you switch to focus on the new goal now. And then when you get to the end of that one you canada goose outlet boston find you already started yet another one, and so forth. Games that have mastered this, in my opinion, are the Civilization games, Skyrim, Stardew Valley, Fallout, and most Final Fantasy games. buy canada goose jacket

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