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Bicycle Themed Deer Antler Mount

canada goose coats About: I’m an engineer who loves to solve problems by creating new products and finding useful ways to improve existing products. It was old, weathered and seemed to have an incredible mystique about it. Renditions of these deer mounts interpreted from bicycle parts have sprung up around the internet a fair amount over the past few years. My canada goose vision for this piece was centered around the saddle and it’s storied past to create a rustic and aged faux deer mount. I also mounted the bars and saddle using original bicycle parts which maintains the theme of the piece and buy canada goose jacket adds an extra level of awesome. canada goose coats

Canada Goose Parka Follow along and I’ll describe exactly how I Canada Goose Coats On Sale built this Canada Goose Outlet specimen. If you like this Instructable, consider voting for it!Step 1: Find Your Saddle Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose online The saddle was the original inspiration for this piece Canada Goose Jackets and subsequently the first piece I acquired for the antler mount. I strongly feel the saddle should be the first piece to obtain for a project like this because the saddle is the focal point and really dictates uk canada goose the theme of the whole ensemble. I ended up using a European style mount as inspiration and modified it slightly to my own canada goose coats liking. I used some scrap uk canada goose outlet paper to draw the shape and had my saddle in hand to figure out how long and wide to draw it up. canada goose outlet The European mounting boards online were relatively close in size to the deer skull so I stuck to similar dimensions. Canada Goose online

canada goose In order to get a near perfect symmetrical design, I only drew canada goose black friday sale the left half of the design, cut out its border and then folded the paper canada goose uk black friday in half, traced the http://www.canadagoosejacketoutlett.com right side and then cut the rest out. With the base shape cut of paper canada goose uk outlet I moved on to deciding what to build it out of. I had Canada Goose Parka some rustic looking pallet wood that I knew would fit in perfectly with the weathered saddle so I sifted cheap Canada Goose through about 20 pieces until I found the right boards that were (mostly) straight, flat and fit together well. A quick run over with the sander removed the cheap canada goose uk unsightly parts of weathering, but still left it looking good. canada goose

canada goose coats on sale I wanted the base to compliment the saddle and handlebars without overpowering it so I thought making the base with a small thickness would be the best design, but I also needed to fasten the pallet boards together somehow. That’s when I remembered I had some 1/8″ scrap MDF plywood that I could use as a backer to glue the pallet boards to. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose clearance Glue was applied to the backer, the pallet boards were laid over it, clamped together and compressed with the weight of several large porcelain tiles. I used a lot of weight because Canada Goose Online the boards had some twist to them and I wanted to eliminate as much as I could. Once the glue was dry I took my paper design, traced it on to the pallet boards and used a jigsaw to cut out the design. I started with a standard wood blade, but the cut wandered a bit and caused some chipping on the face of the boards so I switched to a finer toothed blade which was labeled for metal cutting, but cut much smoother than the wood blade. Get handlebars that go with the style and them of the saddle. I got my bars at the local bicycle junk yard. They were incredibly rusty which fit the theme of my antler mount perfectly. I couldn’t have been happier with how rusty they were. They also came with a stem and brake levers. canada goose clearance

canada goose deals I went to the bike scrap yard and bought and old style seat post that I could clamp the saddle to. Using a 4″ angle grinder I cut three quarters of the way around the post and left a one quarter (circumference) flange on the seat post just over one inch long. A strong set of pliers were canada goose clearance sale used to bend the flange 90 degrees and then I used a hammer and concrete floor to pound the flange flat. As soon as I installed the saddle and set it on the base, I knew it was too high so I repeated the process up the seat post and checked again. It was still too high so I cut it down to where the seat post tapers into the saddle clamp and felt good about the height. The third time was the charm! canada goose deals

canadian goose jacket Originally I was just going to fasten the handlebars to the base with a generic plumbing clamp, but after seeing how Canada Goose online high the saddle rose off the base I knew that wasn’t going to look good at all. Thankfully the handlebars still had the stem installed and I had an “Eureka!” moment idea to use the stem to mount the bars. I did this by cutting the stem off canada goose uk shop so it just barely fit underneath the saddle. This was accomplished by using a real pallet as a work bench and a scrap piece with a hole in it during the construction which allowed me to prop up the stem in between the pallet slats and find the right position in relation to the saddle and height at which to cut the bottom of the stem off. canadian goose jacket

buy canada goose jacket To conceal the cheap MDF backer behind the pallet boards, I used a router set a the depth of the MDF to cut it away from the edge. That prevented anyone from seeing it while hanging on the wall. canada goose coats on sale I also cut away a triangle near the top of canada goose clearance the base to allow for two screws and picture hanging wire to hang it on the wall. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose clearance sale The hardest part of this project could have been finding a place to hang my beautiful mount. Thankfully my wife really liked it so I was able to hang it in our sun room with vaulted ceilings which fit in perfectly with the rest of our rustic and bike related decor canada goose clearance sale.

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