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HomeNewsUK NewsWeight loss success storiesWoman who turned to comfort eating after being teased over uneven breasts is named ‘Slimmer of the Year’Daniella Day, 23, grew up with A symmetry which meant one breast was a DD while the other was a cup size A and she stuffed her bra with tissue at school to correct them23:12, 1 JAN 2018Daniella, pictured after losing five stone, was cruelly bullied at school (Image: Caters News Agency) Get daily updates directly to your inbox SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailA woman who turned to comfort eating after being teased over her uneven breasts has been named ‘Slimmer of the Year’ after she lost five stone and dropped from a size 18 to a 10.Daniella Day, 23, was diagnosed with a congenital breast deformity at the age of 16 which caused one breast to grow much larger than the other.One of her breasts was a DD while the other was a cup size A and she stuffed her bra with tissue at school to correct the imbalance.Daniella was given a temporary implant in one side of her chest at the age of 16, and was told that she could have a permanent one put it once she had finished growing.But her confidence plummeted after she was nicknamed ’tissue tits’ by bullies at school and she began to comfort eat.By the age of 21, when she was due to have corrective surgery for her breast a symmetry, surgeons refused her the procedure because she had grown too fat to operate safely.But months later she dropped five stone https://www.aaareplicasbag.com and was chosen as Slimmer of the Year.She told the Nottingham Post : “I was teased a lot throughout school because of it. I was sad and depressed and food replica bags became my comforter.”I was told that when I was 21, I could go back for the second stage of surgery at Countess of Chester Hospital once I had stopped growing and a permanent implant would be put in its place.Woman with uneven boobs drops five stone after doctors warned she was too obese for breast surgery”But by the time that birthday arrived, I was a size 18 and had put on a whopping four stone through binge eating at university and I was told I couldn’t have the surgery as, by now, I was clinically obese.”Miss Day, who lived in West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire at the time and now lives in Borrowash, Derbyshire, decided to join a weight loss programme called the Cambridge Weight Plan after realising she needed to lose weight in order to qualify for the hospital treatment.She opted to have three of the plan’s products every day, which ranged from bars, porridge, specially supplied meals and shakes as well as drinking 2.5 litres of water.Mum so big she didn’t want to leave the house after gorging on fried food sheds incredible 11stAfter starting the healthy eating plan she began to lose weight quickly and just three months later she had lost four stone.She said: “One Sunday evening I was sat in tears feeling helpless when I stumbled across the Cambridge Weight Plan website. I read all the slimmer stories and reviews and thought, ‘If these people can do it, why can’t I?”It’s like a dream, it truly is.

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