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Slapped Cheek disease (also known as fifth disease) is a mild viral illness caused by parvovirus 19.Signs and symptomsThe disease gets its name from one of the early signs, a rash on the cheeks that makes the child look as though they have been slapped.Initial signs of the disease include:a low grade feverchillsaches and tirednessCourse and durationYou’ll first notice symptoms approximately 4 13 days after exposure to the virus.Infectious periodIf you have slapped cheek syndrome you are infectious several days before the appearance of the rash. Discuss this with your doctor if concerned. If your child has a fever then remember to keep offering them fluids, and give paracetamol if necessary to relieve pain.measlesscarlet feverrubellaa non specific viral rash caused by many agents that used to be called the fourth (or Duke’s) disease.Reviewed by Dr Peter Vine.

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