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Nano boost has unique effects on each hero

There are many reasons for this: the rise of dive meta and mobility heroes, to which she is vulnerable thanks canada goose outlet shop to her own lack of mobility; the damage nerf to her biotic rifle and the healing nerf to canada goose black friday sale her biotic grenade making canada goose outlet uk sale her canada goose outlet jackets less of a threat on the battlefield and worse at healing high HP allies; the mechanical skill required to efficiently heal allies or damage enemies; her underwhelming offensive support ult.

Many canada goose outlet in usa buff ideas have been thrown around, and most canada goose black friday canada goose coats sale of them are inelegant or make no sense. Her heal darts piercing full HP targets is an example of canada goose uk outlet an inelegant idea that makes no sense. I think there is an incredible missed opportunity with Nano boost to do canada goose jacket outlet something amazing canada goose factory sale and unique. Ana is one of the official canada goose outlet most difficult heroes to play in Overwatch, goose outlet canada and she should have a greater impact on the game than canada goose cheap Canada Goose outlet uk Mercy or canada goose outlet toronto canada goose clearance factory Moira. buy canada goose jacket cheap I suggest buffing her ultimate ability to make her viable again and uk canada goose outlet increase her impact on the battlefield, while also creating new synergies with all Overwatch heroes.

There you have it. This took me the better part of a day to write down. I haven put that much thought into it, so it very likely that you will have better or more original ideas than canada goose outlet reviews me! Please share your ideas in the comments, and also feel free to give constructive criticism about this Ana buff suggestion.

My idea with this was to create an ultimate that would be extremely interesting and powerful, adding new layers of “strategizing” to Overwatch and making my beloved Ana relevant and fearsome again.

I canada goose outlet put some extremely powerful values in there ( 50% here, 100% there), and this may be totally broken, but I thought that Nano boost canada goose outlet new york city could be allowed to be very powerful since it canada goose (1) the ultimate ability (2) of a difficult to master Canada Goose Jackets hero, and (3) it only lasts for 6 canada goose store seconds.

I think the general concept of giving unique boosts to each hero is what important here. My suggestions are only what I was able to come up with today, and as I said, you probably have better ideas than mine.

Anyway, I hope Canada Goose Outlet this idea makes it to the devs, as I think it would be absolutely fantastic for the game!I canada goose outlet nyc appreciate the time you took to canada goose outlet store put Canada Goose Online into this and I Canada Goose Outlet hope it gets traction because I know how painful it can be for Canada Goose sale these posts to be ignored.

However, I think this is something that I hope will never be added to the game. It something that you have to learn individually for every single new hero and think about canada goose outlet store uk new players or people who don play as much having Nano changed from what it was canada goose outlet online to this. It way too much. They also have canada goose outlet canada to balance it for new/existing canada goose outlet sale heroes canada goose outlet parka which is just a whole clusterfuck within itself. 50% damage inflicted and 50% damage taken is fine as it is. Nano Boost already has the potential to canadagoosetomall swing team fights on the correct choice of target when properly coordinated. It doesn canada goose coats on sale need a change.

While I agree it canada goose uk shop can swing fights, canada goose outlet black friday the issue with Nano is that it weaker than other support ults. Very rarely do you use nano without Canada Goose Coats On Sale the use of another ult. So you blowing two ults. This is easily Canada Goose online exploitable.

There isn a scenario where I choose nano over beat, trance, or valk. So that leaves coalescence, which is ok, but Moira heals aren restricted by barriers, and she also has fade.

I not saying that OP idea is a viable solution, but they do bring up a good point that Ana ult really buy canada goose jacket doesn help the poor canada goose uk black friday status of her already struggling kit. To cheap canada goose uk heal, she takes a great amount uk canada goose of aim, her biotic grenade is a very finite resource, Sleep Dart is the hardest CC in the game to pull off, She has no direct self healing or movement abilities, and her ultimate has to be aimed to a degree. canada goose factory outlet It easy for the ult to miss and for a Lucio to accidentally ride in the way of Ana and a Rein.

Ana probably one of the 3 canada goose clearance sale highest skill ceiling heroes in the canada goose Canada Goose Parka outlet online uk game, and she has a pretty damn canadian goose jacket high skill floor as well.

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