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The BBC documentary The Human Animal proposes a reason this trope exists in simple biological terms. The short of it is that the dangerous aspects of the target are sexual advertisements. According to the documentary, on a biological level, women are looking for signs of protective prowess (a partner who will help protect and rear offspring). Displays of aggressive behaviour are then read as signs of this prowess (cultural signs of this vary greatly, but the intended messages are the same). Once partnered up, however, the female will actively work to prevent the male from displaying further (which is this trope), so as to prevent the male from gathering further attention from the opposite sex. There’s a lot more to human courtship, of course, mostly because unlike other primates alive today, sex among humans lasts more than 8 seconds.

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Hermes Belt Replica The original version had Toad say “there was a firefight!” Slasher Smile: Luigi has a huge smile on his face while shooting down Shy Guys during his and Mario’s escape. Taking You with Me: A fatally wounded Toad detonates a series of Bob Ombs strapped to his chest in order to take out Bullet Bill and ensure Peach’s escape. Doubles as a Homage to The Professional. Thwarted Coup de Grce: In part 6, some Shy Guys capture Kirby and are about to execute him when Ash and Ness toss him the Pokeball containing Pikachu, which the former sucks in and uses his newfound electric powers to defeat his would be killers. Hermes Belt Replica

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