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One by one, the Democratic Party’s rising stars are trying to position themselves as Bernie Sanders allies, notes Theodore Kupfer at National Review. Positions like single payer health care, free college and now a federal jobs guarantee “were once considered too radical for anyone other than independent Vermont socialists,” but ambitious Democrats like 2020 hopefuls Kirsten Gillibrand and Cory Booker “sense a trend and are racing to get ahead of it.” The $15 an hour guaranteed job is particularly “ludicrous,” he says, risking “runaway inflation” and nationalizing “a huge chunk of the economy.” These days, however, “no Democrat wants to risk being outflanked” from the left. And “the rhetoric of contemporary progressivism, steeped as it is in the language of ‘justice,’ makes resisting the tide a risky proposition.”.

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In my snug tent, I dove into Your Own North Star: Claiming the life you were meant to have, by Martha Beck. She says to set your internal compass to guide you through change and to find your north star. As the fierce storm blew for hours outside, I kept reading.

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With that said, many professionals choose self employment because they’re tired of the strict and arbitrary schedule of the corporate world. So there’s no need to recreate the same drudgery in your new venture. If you need some time in the afternoon to take care of your kids, walk your dog, or get outside while it’s sunny, go ahead.

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