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Pauline and Pete’s mother Lou was an intimidating matriarch in Walford, with a no nonsense attitude. Anna, who was 70 when the show began, left EastEnders after three years in 1988, but continued working on stage and television with roles in Casualty, Doctors and French And Saunders. The actress, who was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in 2009, died in her sleep in 2013, aged 98..

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high quality replica handbags Get motors updates directly to your inbox SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Ant is the new presenter/mechanic who joins Mike in the next series of the long running and much loved Wheeler Dealers, the TV show that takes old wrecks and lovingly restores them to catwalk queens.Ant takes a break on set with MikeWith a CV that includes creating artwork for museums and semi professional football, Ant replaces the delightful Edd China, who had been with the series since it started as a niche product in 2003 and 13 series ago.Now with more than 100million viewers in 22 countries across the world, Ant is taking a big breath and plunging in at the deep end with his first project in the new series the restoration of a classic 1995 Ford Escort RS Cosworth, of which only 25 were imported into the USA and only 12 are still registered for driving on the road.The show, which began in the UK and has moved all across Europe, is now based in California because, after so many series, it was simply running out of cars elsewhere and also because of the climate. But no, do not expect the twosome to suddenly appear on surfboards.Ant examines the Ford Escort RS CosworthMike said: “We had dealt with so many cars over the years that we were starting to explore other markets and, a few years ago, we started looking at importing cars from America. Then, ultimately, it made sense to relocate.”It opened up the show up to a bigger core of classic cars high quality replica handbags.

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