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canadian goose jacket Make A Teapot Planter

canada goose deals Reading about a tea garden made me realize that an adaptation on uk canada goose a teapot planter would make a great addition to my front yard. With my handy husband’s help, we could make and install a cute but subtle ornament to the special pot.

canada goose clearance sale A little research on what plants I wanted to include helped me get started and I was able to make a plan for my little teapot planter canada goose store project.

The idea of highlighting tea herbs buy canada goose jacket in a pot was just too appealing for me not to do it, especially knowing that it would provide plenty of dried tea Canada Goose Online leaves canada goose coats outlet for this winter’s chills.

Canada Goose Parka I hope to add photos of my teapot buy canada goose jacket cheap planter’s harvest to this hub at the end of the summer so check back I might invite you to tea!

Building a Tea Herb Garden in canada goose uk shop a Teapot PlanterDeciding what to put in it was a small conundrum because I like so many herbs that can be used for tea. First of all, I realized that stevia (also called Sweet Leaf) had to go in the middle.

canada goose coats on sale These snappy, small Canada Goose online leaved plants provide just the right amount of sweetener to teas and light heartedness to a garden. Oh the astonishment and then canada goose the smiles on little faces Canada Goose sale when they try a stevia leaf (rinsed, of course) that they have picked Canada Goose Outlet from a garden.

Canada Goose online Lemon balm was a requirement. canada goose factory sale For one thing, its coarse foliage adds a different texture to the look of the project, and anything lemon is a love of mine. This is a great herb to keep on hand for the trauma of cold season, and canada goose uk black friday animals do not like it.

Drying its leaves at the end of summer for winter storage is a must do. Congestion can often be relieved by sipping this aromatic tea when suffering with the common canada goose clearance cold. It’s also just plain comforting when one is feeling so miserable.

canada goose coats What else but mints would do next? A wild mint, a chocolate mint, and a pineapple mint were decided on, but with all the varieties available this was not an easy decision. I decided on chamomile.

canada goose clearance You might like to use an even larger planter, or stake out a spot for a big tea garden as opposed to a tea pot planter like mine. I like my planter, though, because it keeps my tea plants up and highlighted, away from cats and dogs, and I can move it around as I weed and rework my Canada Goose Coats On Sale islands.

I used the same kind but next size up pot for this project as canadian goose jacket for my red, white, and blue project so they would match in my center island. A few rocks in the bottom, a little mulch to help with drainage, a little canada goose coats topsoil, then a good potting soil readied the pot for planting.

Now all I Canada Goose Parka have to do is wait a few weeks for the plants to settle in and begin maturing. I will try to post an updated photo in the summer and show how it dies back in the winter.

buy canada goose jacket A Teacup for My Teapot PlanterAs a canada goose clearance sale decorative addition, my husband fixed a teacup to a piece of threaded rod by drilling a hole in the saucer and cup with a ceramic bit, then fixing them to the cheap Canada Goose rod with washers and nuts.

canada goose I’ll be painting the nut and bolt uk canada goose outlet inside the teacup with an outdoor paint. Birds may sometimes use it to drink from after it rains, but I won’t encourage them by keeping it full as I do not want their droppings on my herbs.

buy canada goose jacket cheap As the photo at the top of the hub shows, the teacup looks a little odd sticking out of the pot right now, but it won’t be long before the plants are taller and the cup is nestled among their leaves.

Keeping the plants trimmed by cutting cheap canada goose uk and drying the leaves also means that the tea cup does not get lost in the foliage. Placing it on the side that has the plants with lower growing foliage helps spotlight it.

A Canada Goose Jackets Little Maintenance Goes a Long canada goose coats on sale Way for Keeping a Teapot Planter’s canada goose uk outlet Herbs FreshBecause teapot herbs are close together I will be keeping not only the foliage cut back but the roots. as well. I do not want them to blend into each other and lose their flavors. The method is sort of like bonsai for I will uproot them mid summer to prune the roots and replant them.

Canada Goose sale As with all herbs, pinch off any flowers (depending on the herb you may even pinch the buds} before the plant goes to seed mid summer in order to let it continue producing foliage for you to use and dry. Letting them go to seed at the end of the summer means that you will probably have new herbs coming up both inside and outside of your planter next spring. These can easily be transplanted or potted and given to friends as gifts.

canada goose black friday sale There are many uses for the herbs that we have available today. This spring I already have a crop of lemon balm beside a bench that I wish I could share with all my readers! It’s great for more than teas. It adds flavor to meats, especially chicken and fish, and it does a good job of keeping pesky bugs away when I am gardening just crush a leaf and rub it on the skin or stick a twig of it in a hat.

Check out the videos below for suggestions on growing tea herbs. Do some https://www.uscanadagooseoutletsale.com research to explore even more possibilities. You might be surprised at the various herbs that are used for medicinal teas, as well as those used for afternoons with friends tea time.

Canada Goose Jackets If you write a hub about your tea pot planter or garden spot please let me know so I can link it to this one. Don’t forget to post pictures of your herbs for us!

Canada Goose Outlet RTalloni 4 years ago from the short journeyMy pot of tea herbs has come back beautifully this year. A tree is providing them more shade now so I’ll have to watch and see if the tea pot is getting enough sun may have to move it! I’m planning to update this hub and my flower hubs with new photos soon 🙂

canada goose store I love the idea of a tea plant garden! Hoping that I can canada goose black friday sale find some that will do well in shade, as we live in a wooded area.

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