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Their extravagantly coiffed creations range from the Super Selleck and Rolling Roosevelt to Double Dali, Nuclear Nietzsche and the truly magnificent triple pronged Kaiser Wilhelm. It’s a stirring sight, even for those of us who favour the razor. For this is a club that wages extravagantly hirsute war with the ‘bland, the boring and the generic’..

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canada goose outlet shop All his main teachers leave around 1PM and I don get off work until 3 so I will miss them so I said my goodbyes to them this morning. I felt soooo sad! I also super excited since I canada goose outlet usa took him to target yesterday to get his “big kid backpack” and he picked a paw patrol one after much fierce deliberation between a sparklie Moana backpack and a Captain America backpack. Paw Patrol had flashing lights on it though so it ultimately was the winner. canada goose outlet shop

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