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Brandon had been working out all summer to make the high school soccer team. He had been playing soccer since he was six years old and loved the game. He came up through the recreational leagues but did not have a chance to play on the year round “club” teams because his parents did not have the time or money that it demanded. The Focke Achgelis GmbH was an offshoot of the Focke Wulf Flugzeugbau, established after Focke had been dismissed from the latter company by the Nazis as a political embarrassment. Focke’s first experience of rotorcraft construction and operation was gained from building the Cierva C.19 and C.30 autogiros under licence, and then in 1934 he built and flew successfully a scale model helicopter that rose to a height of some 18m. There followed a period of research into, and testing of, rotor and transmission systems before, in 1936, the Fw 61 prototype made its appearance.

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