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moncler outlet 7 points submitted 1 day agoDiving Medical Officer (your dad)/Navy Diver/Army Diver. moncler online store All take place in exactly the same building. All are relatively identical in terms of physical difficulty. Navy Diver is slightly shorter than Army, in Army you get more into cheap moncler sale tools and construction. Army Diver is more aligned with Navy Seabee Underwater Construction Teams. As Army you actually sometimes do uk moncler sale the beginning of your school moncler usa alongside Navy UCT dudes/dudetts before splitting off.Diving Medical Officer doesn’t get into the really technical aspects of diving as much. Initial moncler outlet woodbury portion is pretty similar but they split off and start learning diving medicine more in depth while the divers keep on with being sooper dooper scooba divers. 1 point submitted 1 day agoThe fucking DMOs that classed up around the time we did had their pool week professionally catered. I know because we shared cheap moncler jackets the pool with them and as we were lunging around getting sprayed with a hose for finishing our hits early, they were eating pizza and cheap moncler coats mens subs with moncler outlet prices our instructors.I loved that class though, we were actually pretty close. There was one guy who looked exactly like me and their instructors would make us moncler sale outlet switch cheap moncler jackets mens places. We were getting ready to do a bay swim, and moncler womens jackets while cheap moncler jackets womens the uk moncler outlet DMOs moncler Moncler Clearanc uk outlet were stretching, my class was getting beat. But a chief moncler sale came over, made a point to call me “Dr X” and moncler outlet sale put the doctor in my class to get smoked and moncler outlet online I went over and stretched out. 11 moncler outlet store points submitted 3 days agoThe medic for us in dive school was fishing on a bridge in Panama City super early in the morning when a motorcycle crashed into the back of a truck. He saw it but had to go grab his aid bag from his truck then sprinted several hundred yards from his truck to the accident.I don remember what limb was severed (I think it was his arm) but he got there right as a cop did. He was a polytrauma obviously with compound fractures amongst everything else. Doc put a TQ on the dude as well as putting a knee best moncler jackets in his groin to keep him from bleeding out until paramedics got there.Legit saved the guys life. He got recognized locally and got put in for an award, don remember discount moncler jackets what specifically. He also went to the guys wedding when he recovered. 292 points submitted 5 days agoThis always happened to me when I was training early on in the Army on release runs. Usually we ran by ourselves (within my MOS group) but sometimes moncler sale online our instructors would have something to do and we would train with the company. We would basically treat it as a recovery day.My https://www.moncleroutletmall.com friend and I would be moving pretty briskly but considering we ran so much we were able to talk. Some out of shape platoon sergeant would say “if you talking you not running fast enough” as we passed him.

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