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No, I wasn scared I just wanted to try something new. Maksimov, 19, knows of what he speaks, also knows his way around the net.He the best pure scorer in the Oilers prospect stable, the right shot, right winger will shoot from anywhere. And, there are no veterans to jump past on the right side depth chart as we know with Ty Rattie, Jesse Puljujarvi, Toby Rieder, Zack Kassian, Kailer Yamamoto, and maybe Drake Caggiula, if he plays right, not left.There no Nikita Kucherovs or Patrik Laines or Blake Wheelers taking up top six spots.After playing Bantam and Midget AAA in Toronto, Maksimov got stuck on a dysfunctional Saginaw junior team where his offence was negligible and fortunately was traded to Niagara IceDogs.The Oilers took him in the fifth round in 2017, and last year, he popped in 34 goals and might have 10 more if he hadn decided to go all Pavel Datsyuk and be a puck distributor down the stretch to get 46 assists and 80 points on the year.He had a quiet game for the Oilers rookies in Calgary on Sunday afternoon.is the best player for me, said Maksimov, who wears Datsyuk old number 13 for the IceDogs.If he doesn score 50 this year on a strong Niagara team, it be a surprise.

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