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Snapchat needs analytics like Batman needs friendsMentoring, content, Snapchat dreams and more were all topics of conversation during #SMBuzzChat on Tuesday night (14 June) as U-Dox creative agency’s Ben Anderson joined The Drum for its weekly online tweetchat, which this week focused on the future of messaging applications.Being the slyboots that he is, Anderson got the #SMBuzzChat community riled up over how brands will take to Snapchat, which brought about interesting, yet somewhat expressive responses. Here are five takeaways from last nights Future of Messaging Social Buzz Chat. 1. Quality vs Timeliness; what is more important? It should be bothThe final question on the chat caused the most uproar, with the community expressing in the majority of cases that you should be able to do both.@Buzz_Awards@TeamBanders quality. Like wine. I think. I don’t drink wine. #SMBuzzChatpic.twitter.com/iwKnkAPOse Ruth Davison (@struthdavison) June 14, 2016@Buzz_Awards both important but quality of content, if your content isn’t good enough it doesn’t matter how good your timing is #SMBuzzChat Sam O’Hara (@SDO_8) June 14, 2016A4. If your content is poor nobody is going to watch, content and community are the key. #SMBuzzChathttps://t.co/OQFw8JfeYE Carlos Gil (@CarlosGil83) June 14, 2016@Buzz_Awards@TeamBanders great content, if timely and relevant will win. If you’re looking at a bandwagon you’re too late #SMBuzzChat Dan Taylor (@danny_taywitter) June 14, 2016Quality can even come from social videos; your phone can be just as good as any camera, as Anderson showed with this video he made for UK music act Rudimental.Heres a video I made for @RudimentalUk but it was created from videos initially shot for social content https://t.co/rgs9wkcTjD#smbuzzchat Team Banders (@TeamBanders) June 14 replica bag , 20162. Interactive adverts are next for Snapchat?Far removed from its original premise as the home of illicit sausage pictures, Snapchat is continuing to make significant changes to the application. Whats next for Snapchat? The #SMBuzzChat community has some ideas but overall, the dawn of advertising is nearly upon us.@Buzz_Awards@TeamBanders interactive ads- engagement. #SMBuzzChat Katherine Zupan (@KatherineZupan) June 14, 2016@Buzz_Awards@TeamBanders A1) I’d love to see live steaming in Snapchat somehow, but realistically, the future is advertising. #SMBuzzChat Laurence Hebberd (@LaurenceHebberd) June 14, 20163. Snapchat still has a lot of convincing to doEven though the visual giant is growing in youth circles circles , there are some who are still not convinced by the slapdash nature.@louczek@Buzz_Awards I’ve been on Snapchat for about 2 and a bit years now. Really not a fan, but see how it’s useful #SMBuzzChat Andy Vale (@AndyVale) June 14, 2016However chiediteatro , if you want an insight into why its been so successful, heres a twitter story told by Pollyanna Ward.4. Snapchat needs analytics… and fastIf you cant measure how well something is doing, then the majority of brands wont take the leap of faith and dedicate resource to a new platform. Dominos Pizza doesnt care about knowing the pure ROI but it seems that a lot of agencies do.@struthdavison@Buzz_Awards@TMWagency@WeRSM I heard they were releasing more info at their dev con this summer re analytics Sally Ruston (@SallyRushton) June 14, 20165. Find the content sweetspot?This is a TMW Unlimited exclusive section as I believe its a point that’s poignant when creating content on any platform. Including Chat Roulette (if you’re still doing that).Find that sweetspot; how do you do that you ask? Well why not ask them on Twitter.@Buzz_Awards@TeamBanders understanding your audience is key to finding that sweet spot @TMWSocialpic.twitter.com/Yjsvc8Vx7k TMW Unlimited (@TMWagency) June 14, 2016The next #SMBuzzChat is on the 28 June where we will be talking CSR with Gina Roughan of This is Zone. This article is about: World, Snapchat, Social Media, Marketing, Media

5 takeaways from #SMBuzzChat with U-Dox

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