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For job hunters who are seeking specialization, there are “Clinical Manager” and “Health Information Manager” careers. It is clear that no matter what it says under the job title of the job description the successful candidate must have a very strong business background. The other obvious requirement is an understanding of the general health care field and the specialized area of practice where the candidate wishes to put skills and education to work..

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Though the Muscovy Trading Company was the initial spark that started London trading stocks, the idea grew over the next century, and by the end of the 17th century there were 140 joint stock companies. There was no stock exchange building then, and shares were traded at two coffee shops in central London: Garraway’s and Jonathan’s by a broker named John Castaing. It didn’t take long before traders figured out ways to rig markets and use insider information to their own benefit, so in 1697 brokers were required to be licensed and swear to act honorably in their stock trading.Neither did it take long for the first stock “bubble” to form.

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