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Have you thought about editing the page on the app store/play store?The strengths of this game looks like the mechanics and gameplay, but your video and descriptions do a really poor job of showing them. All I seeing is:a ship moving around shooting things that doesn really show me how the player actually plays the gamerapid flashes of gui that are really hard to understand at a glancemeaningless descriptors like ” Many achievements to unlock” “Discover new technology and.” “Intense and gripping story” “epic sci fi adventure”I would have never downloaded this game if I haven heard of it from other people.What I do think is necessary in your description is:How critically acclaimed your game was from reputable sourcesClear description/video of how the game is playedStrengths of the game (the replayability with randomly generated scenarios/ constant updates/ various customizations)this wasn really a question, so it might get deleted, but that my highly personal (and non professional) opinion as a consumer on some of the reasons for your poor sales.I do love the game though, which is why I quiet frustrated that it isn more popular :/I have absolutely no idea what this game entails other than its in space. It seems interesting, but you HAVE to give me some kind of idea what I paying for.

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