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Hermes Kelly Replica Dozens of taxi and livery cab drivers showed up at the commission’s monthly meeting to protest the shift limits, which were designed to prevent fatigued driving. The family of an 88 year old woman killed by a tired cab driver also showed up to deliver tearful testimony in support of the rule.The new limits, announced last month, would cap shifts at 12 hermes izmir replica hours and total weekly labor at 72 hours. The commission will vote on them at its next meeting, on July 18.Some drivers are worried the restrictions could cut into their income.”What the commission calls ‘fatigue reduction’ rules really function as ‘owner income reduction’ rules,” said Placida Robinson, an independent medallion taxi owner and driver, to loud applause at Thursday’s hearing.”We are one interest rate hike away from bankruptcy,” she told HuffPost afterward Hermes Kelly Replica.

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